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New era of digital advertising that targets online living space

Do you know the total number of your daily internet searches on search engines like Google for commercial or personal purposes? How much time you spare on social networks to share your status or reviewing updates from your friends? How much time you spent on online shopping or groupon website to search the product or service you are looking for? Did you notice that Internet comes as preferred activity on our leisure times? 

The Internet defines a living space which increases its influence on our life every day. That turns the Internet into a primary advertisement area for all kind of ads.

Traditional advertisement methods have their own deficiencies in scattered-gun style targeting, ineffective convertions and high level of cost. Internet advertisements replace those deficiencies with strengths of effective campaign management, audience and location targeting, publishing time management, device targeted ads, detailed statistics on clicks and convertions, behaviour tracking, effective new methods like re-marketing, budget management and the opportunity of routing your advertisement to user communities.

Alongside of being a Google Partner, Vayes has a successful background on social network advertising. We are committed to get you the highest convetions with modest budgets.

Key Points

  • Target Oriented Approach

  • Strategical Advertisement Planning

  • Competitive Stance Assessment

  • Creative Stimulation Works

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