You are losing your sales potential if you are not placed in higher ranks in search results.

You toughened your brand perception on the basis of strength and trustworthiness. Now you minimized the chances of losing your potential customers by giving them a solid first impression. What's next then?

You can imagine the Internet as an old fashioned giant marketplace with no physical location. In physical marketplaces, customers are tend to go to the stoles those the stolekeepers shout louder, or those customers see the product quality by walking around or those are crowded already. There is no chance of being attracted to your product or service quality on Internet without visiting your website or social pages. However, there is a similar gameplay on Internet marketplaces: Search Results and Social Media Community

Search results appear your screen through a search engine like Google, Yandex or Bing, simply are ordered from the loudest shouter to the silent whisperer.

Instead of wasting your valuable time and resources with outdated or urban legend techniques, Vayes aims to move your rank up in search results by its extensive knowledge base as a benefit of being Google Partner.

Key Points

  • Target Oriented Approach

  • User Interactions

  • Product / Service Positioning

  • Web Strategy Planning

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