Our mission is delivering the best for you.

At a Glance

Vayes Web a full service agency dedicated to fulfill the commercial goals of your business.

We are targeting to provide wide-ranging professional services from single location to make it easily managable for you. We cover full range of the advertisign related services from brand registering to professional product photographs, social media management to air-drone video shootings, commercial software to SEO (Search optimizations), and more...

We love Istanbul.. It's the source of our motivation and inspration.

Work Principles


Time is the most precious asset. We use a well-proven Vayes Approach to delivery you tailor made solutions. We clarify the purposes and the tools for each process asking the right questions derived from our approach. Each process goes in compliance with the previous and the next, which prevents time-loss by possible planning mistakes and loose ends.


Coding, design and advertisement works are handled harmonically on multi-tasking manner. This manner sets you free of tedious delays caused by working with different companies. You may simply forget to repeat yourself by explaining what you want and to wait until the current company complete its tasks and deliver to flag to next company to carry on.

Enriched Media

A crucial key to success is adoptive usage of images, photographs and video to manage user perception, a term symbolized nowadays as "packaging"


A picture is worth a thousand words. 1    Tess Flanders


1 Tess Flanders, Speakers Give Sound Advice, Syracuse Post Standard, New York, 1911


Vayes Team ve Eco-System

    Serdar GÜRSOY

    Founder / Innovation Manager

    A gifted Digital Strategist focused on innovation and groundbreaking ideas for business-oriented marketing solutions, since 1995.

    Yahya ERTURAN

    Founder / Business Developer

    Project Manager and Software Strategist. Captain for turning ideas to deliverables with his inherent international trading background.

    Yasemin ERTURAN

    Social Media Manager

    Social media planner and manager who dexterously digitalised the value of social relations to commercially targeted user audience.

    Naciye GÜRSOY

    Talent Agent

    A motivator who always find the right person for the right task. cannot be explained Her 3-mins-Interview is closer to magic than science.

    Ömer Fatih YÜCEL

    Front-End Developer

    The Office is a long haired madman, Innovative and only focuses on the designs. It is a Front-End Developer who loses itself with the music and code pair and goes through other bands.

    İlker KOLUKISA

    Social Media Expert

    Who owns their brands like a child, never dusting institutional. Unable to do all the processes of accounts without touching. Account manager, social media expert.

    Seyit ÖZMEN

    Social Media Expert

    A social media account manager who lives with brands he manages, who chooses to be quiet while working, concentrates on his work with Hans Zimmer's compositions and is online at 63.52% of his life.

    Reyhan KARADAŞ

    Social Media Account Manager

    The Social Media Account Manager, who created a separate world with coffee, headphones and computer trio, adapted to his work and enjoyed his work very much.

    Şahin YILDIZ

    Social Media Expert

    A Google Ads Account Expert who works with his performance-driven style, thinking that advertising is the basic structure of a company that acts with high-performance-targeted strategies that value your brand as much as you do

    Özlem KILIÇ

    Social Media Expert

    Social Media Specialist who is in constant communication with customers who see the company as the least part of the company but talked to laughter

    Enes HALICI

    Graphic designer

    A Graphic Designer who aims to improve himself in the office environment and aim to improve himself.


    Project Manager Assistant

    She is a Project Executive Assistant who has always been a part of the business and who has voiceless voice on his phone.

    Nauman Zia BUTT

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    A SEO and SMO Expert, Trainer, Academician who works with countless brands who might be noticed easily with his unique signature.

    Mustafa AŞAR

    Manufacturing Consultant

    A dedicated performance wizard on Process Management, Lean Manufacturing. An enthusiast on protecting natural wealth by productivity.

    Ali Beyaz

    Project Asistant

    An boisterous graphic designer with pixel-perfect sensitivity and enthusiasm makes him an essential ingredient for all the graphics and illustrations.

    Serdar ÖZPEKER


    A passionate photographer who perceives the world in a quite different and artistic way which we never share to same page with him.

    Serhat GÜRSOY

    Graphic Designer

    An boisterous graphic designer with pixel-perfect sensitivity and enthusiasm makes him an essential ingredient for all the graphics and illustrations.

    Vayes Eco-System

    Success is a team-work.

    Have you met with our other friends? We enjoy the synergy every single day. When right pieces come togehter, the energy increases substantially.

Brands We've Worked for

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