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May 09, 2018 -

There are many variables to consider in the digital marketing section. We can summarize:

- SEO (search engine optimization) which will organically add your website to the search results lists. I would strongly recommend it, but a long-term study of about 6-8 months. Because there are many factors that affect SEO directly and indirectly. We need full control of the website here.

- Google Ads gives you faster results than paying for Google (pay-per-click) for PPC. This is directly affected by the quality score. Some of the factors that affect the quality score, the content of your website, the content of your website. Therefore, without improving or rebuilding your website, Google Ads will not perform as well as we would like. In this section, we add a conversion code to better monitor performance. We need to put these codes in the main coding of the website.

- Social Media Management and Ads. In this section, we create graphical and text content, and we plan and prepare social media ads (mostly Instagram and Facebook, but we also recommend using YouTube) in your social media accounts. People from all age groups in Turkey are actively using social media. After checking your website, your audience will look directly at your social media accounts. It is vital to reach them through this channel.

- We recommend that you work with Influencers to reach more people. They are a kind of idea leader and we get good results from our collaborations with our customers.

As a result, if we need to prioritize the starting point;
1- The starting point is to make a decision about your name. As

2- After deciding the name, we need to do corporate identity work when designing your logo.
3- We have to start building the website and start the social media planning.
4- Google Ads starts directly when the website is online
5- SEO should start to put your site at the top of your site

We can discuss more if you have questions.

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