Dr. Hande Ulusal


At a Glance

A website for the popular brand of Dr. Hande Ulusal that reflects her professionalism and modern approach against her large-scaled web traffic stats and intensive content.

Patient Management Application which is also accessible for the patients to monitor thier own treatment data, and e-appointment system.

  • client

    Specialist Dr. Hande ULUSAL

  • sector

    Cosmetic Dermatology

  • services

    UX/UI Design
    Responsive Design
    Advanced SEO Tools
    Content Mangement
    Web Software Solutions
    Corporate Identity

  • classification

    Web Design
    Web Development
    SEO & SMO Management
    Brand Management

Vayes Approach

We started to work right away to create a web design which has marks of the perfectionalism just as Dr. Hande Ulusal has. Finally, we designed a smooth user experience considering the high-density web traffic which we have overcome swiftly by optimizing all related web resources such stylesheets, scripts, images and so on.

We also delivered web-based and user-friendly software solutions based on our effective data architectures that ensures the same user experience against rapidly growing number of patients.

Hande Ulusal

Instagram'da en verimli etkileşim alacağınız saatler sabah 07:00 - 09:00 arası ve akşam 19:00 ile 24:00 arasıdır. İnsanlar ilk uyandığında Instagram'a bakar. İşten gelip dinlendikten sonra da aktif olarak sosyal medyayı kullanır.