WhoKnows Facebook

A First-of-its-kind application.. Globally..

At a Glance

A Facebook Application for the game of social knowledge (Trivia) contest which users may interact with their friends.

A globally first-of-its-kind user experience that utilizes pure code base for challenging animations and the application itself, instead of common Flash/Shockwave practice in order to prevent possible perfomance and stability issues due to the large number of anticipated users.

  • client

    Peak Games

  • sector

    Web Applications

  • server

    UX/UI Design
    Sosyal Interactions
    Web Optimisations

  • classification

    Web Development
    Web Design
    API Integration

Vayes Approach

When we started to work on the project with our client's memorable words of "It will be an amusing work.",  we were ready to try the untried 1, as quoted from Eric Hoffer. During development process, we are challenged to use cutting-edge web technologies while maintaining an identical user experience in all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Gogole Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. We integrated the high speed and perfermance with intensive user interactions and tens of top-notch animations which you may encounter at every single screen throughout the application. Finally, we applied the outlined social interactions all around the application by using Facebook Developer Tools in-depth.

1 The Ordeal of Change (p.113) by Eric Hoffer, Harper & Row Publishers, New York, USA. 1963


Instagram'da en verimli etkileşim alacağınız saatler sabah 07:00 - 09:00 arası ve akşam 19:00 ile 24:00 arasıdır. İnsanlar ilk uyandığında Instagram'a bakar. İşten gelip dinlendikten sonra da aktif olarak sosyal medyayı kullanır.