With Vayes Digital, İSTOÇ Navigation is onair.. Globally..

At a Glance

We proudly present our Vayes Digital New Mobile Application Project;

With İstoç Navigation, one of the Vayes Digital Mobile Application (Mobile App) Projects, we developed a brand new system to collect everything about İstoç in one application and made it an app. were.

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Vayes Approach

İstoç Navigation, with its wide search system, allows users to; It stands out as a mobile application developed to enable companies, sectors and products to easily access. A mobile application has been developed that makes it possible to find almost everything belonging to İstoç in the application.

It can filter companies according to sectors, can quickly access the address and directions information of these companies as if you were searching on Google, and the system was supported and strengthened with many innovative software technologies.

İstoç Navigation is an advanced application compatible with IOS and Android, designed to find solutions for the needs of users. It's Free!

In the list of features that Vayes Digital adds with R & D, software technologies also attract the least digital marketing instruments and bring positive comments, and developing professional mobile applications in this line and producing more are among the main goals of Vayes Digital.

Analyzing the places where users experience the most problems and playing an active role in project development with these analyzes, adopting the idea that "if it is important for the user is important for us" in the contributions and improvements we receive from the customer, and the positive results of this idea, which is a priority in all projects, both from the users and the project publisher. hearing gives us pride.

Istanbul Toptancılar Bazaar, with its short name İSTOÇ, is a traditional marketplace, while the digital world is growing rapidly, İSTOÇ is the most popular and busy street of many e-commerce companies who want to buy and sell new products, it is very convenient and functional to produce a solution suitable for this location We would also like to share that there are comments from by.

With its user interface, advanced software technologies and many strategically made features,

Are you ready to explore İstoç on your mobile device? :)

Mobile APP Development

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